Ah the joy and satisfaction of eating a tomato fresh from your own garden! With a few easy steps, you are able to eat fresh, tasty tomatoes from your garden in the winter months…. tomatoes as fresh as just picked.

What you will need:

green tomatoes
a large cardboard box
lots of newspaper


1. Gather green tomatoes from your garden- make sure that they have no spots or blemishes and are bruise free.
2. Wash them and let them air dry.
3. Line the cardboard box with the newspaper- 3 or 4 sheets thick.
4. Place your green tomatoes on the newspaper about 3 inches apart- make sure that no tomato is touching another tomato.
5. Cover the tomatoes with 3-4 layers of newspaper.
6. Place a layer of green tomatoes on the newspaper about 3 inches apart, as above.
7. Do as many layers of newspaper and tomatoes as needed until the box is full or until you run out of tomatoes.
8. Cover the top layer of tomatoes with 6 layers of newspaper.
9. Cover the box with a loose fitting top.
10. Store the box in a cool and dry space. A basement or garage is ideal- a cool space, but not cold.

The tomatoes will ripen very slowly over the months.
Enjoy raw, fresh tomato from your garden…. in January!

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